Thursday, March 07, 2019

"Birthright While Black," by Shekhiynah Larks

I read this article in the Manhattan Jewish Sentinel, but when I did an internet search for it, here's where I found it.

For me, this was the most important part, because it really helped me understand the perspective of a Jew of Color:

" . . . one of the architects of Birthright, Avraham Infeld  . . . began with an anecdote about how when he made aliyah, his cousin said to him the same thing the soldier had said to me: “You’re in Israel now, stop being so Jewish.” He then explained Jews in the diaspora separate and create unique spaces for themselves to share collective memories and to pass down the covenant so our community will not be forgotten.
This helped me understand some of the disconnects I had with fellow American Jews. It’s hard to be seen as part of the group when externally you look so different. In the U.S. especially, because Jews create safe spaces for themselves, looking like you might be an outsider comes with questioning. In an effort to feel safe, they want to make sure that I am really like them."

I strongly recommend that you read the entire article--it's well worth it.


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